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There's nothing quite like the tantalizing aroma of meat smoking on the barbecue. At Embark Smoked Meats, we specialize in bringing that sensory experience to your events. Our dedication to using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and top-quality wood during the smoking process results in the perfect combination of flavor and indulgence.

We believe that barbecue is more than just food — it's a way of life that brings people together to enjoy life's most sensational flavors. Contact us to experience our commitment to smoking the finest meats and using homemade sauces and rubs to create an exceptional culinary experience.

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Our Commitment to Fresh, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Embark Smoked Meats is committed to sourcing only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients for our barbecue catering services. Using local ingredients not only supports our community but also ensures that we are serving the highest quality food available. We work closely with our local farmers and suppliers to ensure the meat we use in our dishes is raised naturally and sustainably. From pork to beef and beyond, we prioritize the taste of our food by sourcing quality meat.

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The Importance of Top-Quality Wood

We believe that the quality of wood used during the smoking process directly affects the final taste and texture of the meat. Our pitmasters use only the finest quality wood to smoke our meats, and the choice of wood depends on the type of meat. Each type of wood used carries unique flavors you’ll be able to taste in the final product. Wood you expect anything different from the best BBQ catering in New Jersey?


Homemade Sauces and Rubs

The heart of delicious barbecue is the use of homemade sauces and rubs, making sure that every bite of meat is coated in flavor. That's why at Embark Smoked Meats, we take our sauces and rubs seriously. Our pitmasters have developed their unique recipes of sauces and rubs to complement each type of meat and the smoking process. Whether you're a fan of sweet, savory, or spicy, our barbecue sauces and rubs will satisfy your taste buds. Each sauce and rub is made from scratch with top-quality ingredients and spices.

The Art of Smoking Meats

Smoking meat is an art that requires precision, technical skill, and patience. Our pitmasters use their experience and knowledge to smoke the meat to perfection, ensuring that it is cooked to the desired temperature without drying out or becoming tough. We use traditional and time-honored smoking methods, resulting in juicy, tender, and mouthwatering meat that's oozing with flavor.


Barbecue Brings People Together

There's no denying that barbecue has a way of bringing people together. There's something about the savory and indulgent flavors of barbecue that make people gather around and enjoy the moment. Our barbecue catering services create memorable experiences for your guests, leaving them with great memories to look back on fondly.

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The Perfect Choice for Any Event

Embark Smoked Meats is the perfect choice for any event. Whether it's a corporate celebration, wedding, backyard bash, or family gathering, our barbecue catering services are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. We offer a range of options, including traditional BBQ catering services, elevated event-style catering, and casual backyard-style catering.


Make your meals truly memorable.

At Embark Smoked Meats, our focus is on creating the most exceptional culinary experience for our clients. Our commitment to locally sourced ingredients, top-quality wood, homemade sauces and rubs, and expert smoking techniques, ensures that every bite is bursting with flavor. Barbecue is more than just food. It's an experience that brings people together. Choose Embark Smoked Meats for your next event and let us create a memorable experience for you and your guests.